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Acoustic vibes with powerful vocals and emotional stories told through music.

Who is Mandi Leigh?

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, Mandi Leigh has been a vocalist her whole life. She's performed with competitive concert & jazz choirs, a 14 piece R&B/Soul band, local soul bands "Mr. M & the Allnighters", "Soul Connection" & rock band "The Impalas" before putting her own OWN indie-alt rock band together who perform regularly - When & Where. Still wanting more, she picked up her acoustic guitar and starting writing..... Songs just started POURING out of her, resulting in her first 7-song EP titled "Emotional Highs". Mandi Leigh is taking this album out on tour in 2024, sharing her stories of love & loss & self reflection along the way.

Click on the links below to listen to her released music on digital streaming platforms or to see live footage of previous performances.

Mandi Leigh is currently gearing up for her first solo tour from Vancouver to Calgary & Edmonton and back starting June 2024. This tour will be stripped down and acoustic, just powerful vocals and her acoustic/electric guitar. Please feel free to use the contact information below if you are interested in booking her.

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