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Photo by Sabrina Miso @sabrinamisocreative

Mandi Leigh

Mandi Leigh is a 36 year old Canadian singer/songwriter based out of Vancouver, BC. She started singing at a young age in elementary school choirs, and was chosen for competitive jazz choir for 3 years in highschool. She was also one of 5 vocalists in a 14 piece rhythm & blues band, spearheading a fully credited, extracurricular highschool course for 2 years. In 2007-2008 she was one of 3 singers in a local Northern Soul tribute band before her career in the film industry pushed her passion for music into the background.


In 2018, Mandi was a lead singer in “Hunkerdown”, a Vancouver based battle-of-the-bands that features film industry musicians. This performance re-sparked her desire for music, and she put together an Indie Alt Rock band now called “When & Where”. This is when she started exploring writing her own lyrics & vocal melodies for the first time. She also led the same “Hunkerdown” band to WIN the competition in 2019. 

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Once Mandi Leigh started songwriting, she realized how important of a release it was to express her experiences and feelings through music. She started learning the acoustic guitar in Dec 2020, which gave her more musical freedom to explore her unique voice and emotional story telling. 

Her first album, “Emotional Highs”, is a selection of some of the first songs that poured out of her in this new, creative state. She writes from a place of hurt and loss and self reflection to evoke emotions and emotional release in others, and to hopefully start a dialogue around some tougher topics not often found in music today.

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